Jan Martinec

Born: 1984, Czechoslovakia. 

I am a Contemporary Artist and Software Developer, currently based in Europe. I believe that being an artist is a political statement. My art practice explores contemporary socio-political issues and the intersection of art & technology. I ran an independent art space called Stolen Fire when I lived in 泉州, China, and plan to launch something similar again. Feel free to message me on social networks.

projects / work

This website lists some of the projects and art pieces that I've worked on over the last few years.

The Brexit Tree

Jan Martinec & Clemens Wilhelm

Film, HD

On 31 Jan 2020, a weeping willow tree was planted by the river Deveron in the small town of Huntly, Scotland, to mark the historic Brexit day. 

How To Stop Watching a Video That Never Ends

Jan Martinec

4K video, drone footage, 3D"

"An abstract inquiry into the subconsciousness of an individual overloaded with the endless amount of options, opinions and possibilities present in the digital world.

The Peace

Jan Martinec

metal, wood, asphalt

Our shared imagination allows us to imagine that if we create a union bond with mutual non-atacking policy it will be a tool for spreading peace throughout the world.

Sky Is The Limit

Jan Martinec

installation, billboard, poems

Sky is the limit “ comes as an expression for a situation where there are no limits and anything is possible. It also implies a certain amount of possibility, dreams and ambitions.


Jan Martinec

algorithms, print, video, installation

[ongoing series] The circle is a visualisation of a cycle, created by an algorithm, which loops itself in almost uncountable number of times, always slightly different than the previous one. As a result there is a deceiving image that seems like a result of lenghty manual drawing, but actually took few miliseconds to render.

The Shark and the Bee

Jan Martinec

Video, HD, Narration

A fable from the post-communist Czech republic. Based on a real story of a Czech enterpreneur Radovan Vítek, the film tells the tale of a community of bees being ferociously tore apart by a young financial shark.


Jan Martinec

HD Video, Objects, Coal, 5mins

Absence is an absentminded story revolving around commonplace objects that are withdrawn from their positions.

Deep Wish

Jan Martinec

3D, images, imprinted memories

[ongoing series] A series of 3d made objects I keep seeing when I close my eyes.

2022 — Jan Martinec