How To Stop Watching a Video That Never Ends

4K Video | drone footage | 3D, 7min.


An abstract inquiry into the subconsciousness of an individual overloaded with the endless amount of options, possibilities and opinions of the world of digital media. Three linearly connected monologues are imitating a timeline as we know it from social media and pose an question about the possibilities of deep contemplation in the time of instant answers and ubiquitous power play of server-made content.

Deep Wish

4K video, 3D, Czech and Chinese mutations


The things I see when I close my eyes. 

Navigate Me Through the Waterfalls

video, prints, installation


A short video essay about a therapist that never forgets, can see everything you see and constantly analyzes . A short video and installation.


Wood, Metal, Asphalt | 4 x 6 m.


The Peace is a wooden apropriation of a very well known sculpture made by Belgian architect Raymond Huyberechts in Brussels NATO headquarters.

Sky Is The Limit

installation, print


“Sky is the limit “ comes as an expression for a situation where there are no limits and anything is possible. It also implies a certain amount of possibility, dreams and ambitions. Somehow one could feel like nothing is standing in a way to success, but unfortunately the symbol of sky has also a different side, in many different traditions, sky has been a symbol for eternity, and the afterlife. 


print, installation


an algorithm,which loops itself in almost uncountable number of times, always slightly different than the previous one.  As a result there is a deceiving image that seems like a result of lenghty manual drawing, but actually took few miliseconds to render. 

Circle I

processing, print


series of work with proccessing language. Algorithm based images. Cycles and iteration as a depiction of timeline.




How to include something as virtual, ephemeral and individual as is contemporary art into a capitalist society? How to measure it’s value? Is contemporary art in cooperation or in conflict with our capitalist systems?  Should we think about it? Are the markets always right?


processing, print, installation

an installation work based on the circle series

The Shark and The Bee

HD Video 5'14"


A fable from the post-communist Czech republic. Based on a real story of a Czech enterpreneur Radovan Vítek, the film tells the tale of a community of bees being ferociously tore apart by a young financial shark. Myths blend with reality, imaginary legends of power and wit face the mundane reality of young and hungry eastern european capitalism. The story of success is a story of pain is a story of a success is a story of  loss.