The Shark and The Bee

HD Video 5'14"


A fable from the post-communist Czech republic. Based on a real story of a Czech enterpreneur Radovan Vítek¹, the film tells the tale of a community of bees being ferociously tore apart by a young financial shark. Myths blend with reality, imaginary legends of power and wit face the mundane reality of young and hungry eastern european capitalism. The story of success is a story of pain is a story of a success is a story of  loss. 

Monologue narrated by Czech rapper Wladimir 518.


excerpt from the monologue

“In 1906 a group of bees in Prague formed an organisation, which set in motion the socialist ideas which had begun to bloom in europe at that time. The result became an umbrella 

consumers and producers cooperative known as the Bee. Under the organization all members had the same rights and influence on running of the cooperative. 


The cooperative also supported unemployed bees or bees on strike returning this way profit to all members of the community. The cooperative had around hundred thousand members and builded many new shops 


 The post war communist coup of 1948 ment that organisations like the Bee were no longer required as in fact the principles of communism drew out the blueprints for a society which resembles a hive where injured and lost bees are cared for by the stronger members of the collective. The bee cooperative became diluted by the new society's system. After the collapse of communism in 1989 the bees and their cooperative started to reform back to the original pre-communist organization it once was. 


 As the shark smells blood he starts circling his prey and eventually came with simple plan. At the next annual meeting of bees three thousands new members whose vote has been bought for the sum of three hundred crowns voted in favor of a new manager. This individual was of course a puppet controlled by the shark, whose influence on the cooperative was absolute. 


Bees of course protested to this new development, however the shark understands the laws of the day knowing how to be low. The courts were forced to deny the bee justice. 


Their efforts were in vain as slow and inappropriate action rendered the case unjudgeable. When the last bee was removed all its real estate was merged with a shark owned company which on the surface offered strong business partnership. 


The age of the shark has begun.”